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Reliable Heat Pump Installation In Oregon​

When considering heating and AC equipment, it’s common to think of them as two separate systems. However, there is a type of unit that serves as both a heater and an air conditioner. Heat pumps are capable of maintaining the temperature in your home or business throughout the year, functioning as an AC in the summer and a heater in the winter. At MP Heating & Air, we provide a diverse selection of top-quality options and equipment for homeowners and business owners in our area.

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Replace Your HVAC System With A Heat Pump

Enhanced efficiency is one of the primary factors driving homeowners and business owners to upgrade to heat pumps. In comparison to various heating and air conditioning systems, heat pumps are frequently recognized for their superior efficiency. Whether your current HVAC unit has experienced a complete breakdown or you’re interested in an upgrade, opting for heat pump installation offers numerous advantages.

Here are several reasons to contemplate transitioning to a heat pump system:

Trusted Heat Pump Maintanance & Repairs In Portland

Once your trusty heat pump has been installed, it typically requires very little maintenance to keep humming smoothly. However, just like any dependable companion, it’s always a good idea to have your system inspected regularly to catch any minor repairs before they turn into major headaches. During our friendly maintenance visits, we’ll have a chat with you and your heat pump, assessing its condition and sniffing out any potential issues. If we happen to uncover any troubles, rest assured we’ll provide you with a detailed report and handle the necessary repairs with care and expertise. Because at MP Heating & Air, we treat your heat pump like part of the family.

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